Related Works (The Maid Asleep)

View of an Interior, or The Slippers


created: around 1658

This painting created by Samuel Van Hoogstraten is a subtly moralistic piece, a fascinating exercise in perspective, and a painting of poetic calm. This work was attributed to Samuel Van Hoogstraten even his other Works were complitely painted in a different way.


The Idle Servant


 created:  1655

This painting is created by Maes and it is complemented by the room beyond, where it is possible to see three figures sit at table. The painting is one of the earliest interior of its kind with a view into another room. This device was further developed in Delftin the work of de Hooch in the later 1650s and by Vermeer during his painting career. These painters may have been influenced by Carel Fabritius.


Melencolia I

Created: 1514

This great painting is a creation of the German Renaissance Master Albrecht Dürer. This painting is an allegorical composition which has become the subject of many interpretations. One of the most famous old master prints, it has sometimes been regarded as forming one of a conscious group of Meisterstiche with his Knight, Death and the Devil (1513).


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