Some web-based documentation: The Art of Painting

Some web-based documentation for the writing of my short story.

When you have to do academic work on any subject; first of all, after selecting it, you must seek information about it. Depending on what you find, you may be able to do it in one way or another. If you are a neophyte in the area, as was my case with the work of Vermeer, it is a must to look everywhere. Today the research is easy (- is that really so?) using the All-mighty Internet.

I happened to be completely unaware of this artist’s work. I chose “Painter in his Studio”, also known as “The Art of Painting” because I thought it would be easy to find enough information in the web. Yet the first information – and the dearest, I might say – I got browsing among old books at home. A book called “Guía Visual de Pintura y Arquitectura” de la Editorial El País Aguilar, 1997. Pages 124-125 dedicated to this painting of Vermeer. Every element is listed there and what is the symbol behind it. Pure imagery.

Relunctantly, I approached my PC. The web is inspiring, even for the technophobes such as me. Over there I found everything. That is its drawback. You find from the ultimate best to the ultimate crap. The filter you have to apply is time-consuming at least.

Wikipedia helped me to get a general idea, on the painter’s work

and specifically in

Then I searched the official website of the Vienna Museum where it is displayed: the Kunsthistorisches Museum, / khm. For my purpose, which was to get the information that the museum provided on the painting, it was useless. Neither helped me to see the museum insides. I already had some idea of what I wanted to tell and needed urgently to know how were the rooms and galleries of the building. So I went to Youtube and searched for videos uploaded by people who had already visited the museum. I saw a handful of them. Everyday there were new ones. I enclose here one of them



Finally, I have to cite the pages

They speak over there of Vermeer as the great “voyeur” and when I read that I knew what I was going to do. The idea was somehow to introduce myself in the painting and look from within. The rest is a bit of imagination and literature.


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