A Girl Interrupted at her Music: Introduction to the painting

The painting I have been analyzing and working on is entitled A Girl Interrupted at her Music. In this first article I will provide you with a first approach to one of Johannes Vermeer’s most enigmatic but damaged pictorial artpieces; a brief yet useful introduction if you are interested in this particular painting.

A Girl Interrupted at her Music was painted in the Dutch Baroque style, using oil on canvas, as most of Vermeer’s other artpieces. Some scholars agree that it was painted between the years 1658 and 1659, and some others agree that, on the contrary, it was painted between the years 1660 and 1661. Nowadays, A Girl Interrupted at her Music, although it is very damaged, is part of the Frick Collection of New York.

On the right-hand side you can admire how the picture looks like with its original frame, and on the left-hand side I attempted to show you how big the painting is. I must confess my surprise when I took a look for the first time at the actual dimensions of this Vermeer, since, I thought it was much larger than it really is.

'Framed Painting'

Now that we know the necessary and most relevant data about this painting, in my next article I will focus on the background against which this painting was created. See you all soon.

Ariane Sande