The Guitar Player ( Characteristics)

the guitar

– Artist: Johannes Vermeer

– Year: c. 1667

– Type: Oil on canvas

– Dimensions: 53 x 46.3cm

  • Brushstrokes became freer and more expressive than in his earlier works:

– He emphasized patterns of color rather than textures.

-The face also is treated differently.  Its expression is outward and not self-contained.

  • His composition away from the center of the painting:

– The girl is placed so far to the left that her arm is cut by the edge.

– Light falls to the left and a landscape hangs behind the girl on the back wall.

– The off-center composition is further emphasized by the direction of the girl’s glance.


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  1. Jan Vermeer was quite a magnificent artist, one, which may be easily called, intellectual, because he not only observed, but interpret with high dignity what he saw, touched or lived. Congratulations for your project. You’re doing great job. Continue loving Art, study it, interpret it, comment about it, argue it and above all, live it.

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