love letter story

I have written a story about the picture “The love letter”. It is about  a girl, a lover, feelings and of course a love letter:



She was so nervous. Jane, her maid, had just given her a letter with a stamp that she could recognize at the moment. The letter was from her lover, Jan Stijn. She had not received one during one month and she was very concerned because he usually wrote her every week. He was in a travel to Asia, through the Maldive Islands. She knew that it was a dangerous travel because he did not know what was going to find there.

In these four weeks without any notice from him she had become absorbed in a deeply sadness that only could endure thanks to the music. Her lute was her ally and its sound helped her to disappear from the reality. Jane, her maid was the only friend she had. She helped her with everything, she was like a mother, like a mother she never had. The tuberculosis had killed her when she was very young. And her father was always very occupied with political problems. She spent her time with her lute, with Jane and also with her other passion, painting.

She usually painted when she was sad, so in this last month she had painted one of her favourite paintings. She painted it thinking on Jan, of course. One day she had a dream, a very disturbing nightmare. She dreamt that there was a very strong storm and the ship in which Jan traveled was in trouble. That day she woke up very agitated, because she had a very awful premonition. Then, she began imagine how would be the story to represent in her picture. It is a very severe storm, the sky is black and it roar like a fierce animal. Everything is darkness and solitude. The ship moves its sails like fierce claws with fighting spirit. The only person in the ship is Jan, he is brave and decisive. He knows that the only thing that motivates him to battle is his love, he has always her in mind, sometimes it seems that her face appears like a picture in the clouds, for giving him strength. So at the end, in her picture the big ship represented Jan, a brave warrior who fought for what he most wanted. And the storm represented the bad patches, the worries and the risks that everyone has to live until getting the most esteemed love.

While she painted the picture she had a lump in her stomach, she had the sensation that she was not going to see him again, the days went by and she fell more and more in a deeply melancholy. So the same day she finished the painting, she hung it in the wall, and decided not to think on it, and boost herself. She began to play the lute; she had set aside it since. The sound began to spread everywhere, the sadness that covered every corner from the house began to disappear and suddenly when this happiness had begun to flourish Jane, came into the room with the letter. She was full of euphoria; her heartbeats began to increase as her heart was going to explode. The letter was from Jan, after all this suffering, at the end, she had notices from him, but better not to celebrate anything because the letter could be for giving bad news.

She was trembling, she had almost any force to open the envelope, at the same time she was opening it, her eyes were full of tears. Tears that were flooding her mind and drowning her heart. At the time she took out the letter from the envelope and she could see the handwriting of her lover, she began to calm herself.

“ Dear Love;

Sorry for this horrible delay, I hope you will forgive me. This last month has been very hard. The heat is incredibly suffocating. Some of our men had fallen ill. Appart from that, the landscape is wonderful, I´d never seen anything similar, the blue from the sky, the color of the flowers that dress every path, the exotic animals, the lowly people  that give modesty off everywhere we go. I am sure you would enjoy it if you were here with me. Maybe someday we can come back together, we alone, you and me. But now you have only think that I am happy because I know that in spite of the distance you are also happy, our love is over everything in this world. I remember everyday each word, each look, each kiss, each feeling, each caress you have given me and it gives me hope to face up this moments I cannot be with you. I would like to tell you everything I feel but you only need to listen to your heart to know it because your heart and mine are only one.

Every moment I spend thinking of you thousands of emotions travel all around my body when you are not with me and even you aren´t,  your memory makes me amaze but anyway I prefer to excite myself with your presence and not with your memory.

You takes up my mind, you are the owner of every of my thoughts, of every of my passion moments, of every of my feelings, I would like this love lasts for the eternity, that in one million of years you and me would keep still together looking ourselves with the same love and the same tenderness we make it now. I know it could be possible because we need each one, we are accomplices, we do not need words, in fact, silence says everything.

I will fight always for our love, we will be together for our lives, we have learnt to adorate ourselves like no one ever could love. I need you because you are my Juliet, my angel, my lover, my best admirer, my inamorata, my passion…

With this letter I try to demonstrate that you are my existence and the only thing I need in this life, loving you is my present, a present that I only have.

You love,

Jan Stijn”

The letter was full of tears after she finished reading it, now she feels that she could live again, she was full of hope. Jan was alive and she was in love. It was the most incredibly love letter a woman could received. After this moment, she stood up and opened the window to breathe the warm wind that blew through it. She thought she could notice his love, this passional love. She knew that he was near, she could feel him because as Jan have said in his letter they are like one person, one heart one feeling.

Now she had forgotten every bad moment she had spent all this long month. She turned herself and looked to the painting in the wall, the stormy love, it was the name she gave to it, and laughed. Now she knew that there were not storms between their love.

A strong breeze came through the window. She noticed that it was familiar. She leant out of the window and in the long path in front of the big house, she could discern the figure of a man, as he was walking nearer, she was totally convinced. He was Jan. when he crossed the fence of the house; the dogs began to bark of happiness. She came unstuck from the window and went downstairs, crossed the corridor to the principal door and the garden with the same speed as the wind. When they were coming closer she noticed that her heart was about to explode, at the end they melted in the most fabulous embrace. Now they are only one.

The end

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  1. Hi Aitamy, I din’t know your poetic vein. “Every moment I spend thinking of you thousands of emotions travel all around my body when you are not with me and even [when] you aren´t, your memory makes me amaze but anyway I prefer to excite myself with your presence and not with your memory”

  2. Maybe it was a moment of inspiration…because I think I would never say that to anyone ( or maybe yes I do not know,jeje)

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