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According to Arthur K. Wheelock, “Vermeer’s ‘Woman in Blue Reading a Letter’ seems so harmonious in color, theme and mood that it is hard to imagine any other compositional solution. Indeed, as in others of his paintings, one has difficulty imagining Vermeer at work, as an artist who had to somehow compose and make tangible a concept he had conceived in his mind. Part of the problem in visualizing Vermeer’s working procedure stems from the lack of available information. No drawings, prints or unfinished paintings-indeed, no records of commissions-offer clues to his intent or aspects of his working process.”

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  1. As long as others are willing to SPECULATE that this lady in blue may be Catharina because she appears to be pregnant, I would like to “despeckle” and say that she may be Gertruit, his sister, and possible co-owner of Meschelen. I say this, not on a whim, but because she resembles her brother, whom I have identified as the Geograper and the Astronomer. Her long and straight nose; her curly dark hair; her chin and general profile proportions, all tend to this conclusion. The only downside of this hypothosis is the rather sad personal fact, that, unlike her brother, she did not, I believe , have any children. At least in this painting, she is pregnant by virtue of the corner-to-corner crosshairs that meet at the centre over her ample belly.
    The theme of the painting appears to be a shock to the lady. She was in the process of making herself optimally attractive to a suitor by donning the pearl necklace, but she has since received the letter that absorbs her, as evidenced by the other sheet as envelope or page of the same letter, that is laid over the pearls.

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