Woman with a Pearl Necklace

    Some of the most beautiful things in the painting are the small details. First, the light which is coming from the chairs in its iron pieces is very beautiful and they were painted well to a degree we feel that we are looking to a real chair and not one in a painting. Second, the shadows of the chair behind the table and of the curtains of the window are simple and defined in their places and positions to the chair and the curtains to a degree that they carry to the viewer the feelings of the hot sun. Also, the light under the table is a very simple detail and a person may think why Vermeer painted it though the beauty of the painting would not have been destroyed if he did not, but this proves that Vermeer is one of the best painters in his time, because he took care of the very simple and small details in each of his painting and painted them very well. Moreover, Vermeer had a unique sense when it came to fabric, for instance, the piece of cloth on the table is very beautiful and a viewer can notice the touch of it and the reflection of light on it is used to show the touch of it.  Also, the hands of the women in the painting show the tender and gentle way in which the lady holds the necklace. All the simple details in the painting had participated in giving life to the painting.