Woman Holding a Balance

These words have been inspiring for my story for the ESP module, as they concisely explain the essence of the painting:


“‘Woman with a Balance’ provides us not with a warning but with comfort and reassurance; it makes us feel not vanity of life but its preciousness. Against the violent baroque agitation of the painting behind her, the woman asserts a quite, imperturbable calm, the quintessence of Vermeer’s vision.”

Edward A. Snow, A Study of Vermeer, 1979



Reference: Essentiel Vermeer.com [Accesed on March, 23 2009]: http://www.essentialvermeer.com/catalogue/woman_holding_a_balance.html

“Between the light and dark,

between this world and the next,

between maidenhood and motherhood

she pauses, held in balance

like the balance she holds. [. . .]”

Reference: Girl with a Pearl Earring: An Interactive Study-Package of Materials of ESP (2007-2008).