Vermeer’s Signatures

Of the thirty-four generally accepted Vermeer’s twenty-one bear legible signatures (the one on Diana and Her Companions has worn away–see below) and not all are not considered genuine. Three historical documents conserve his full signature; one is also signed by the artist’s wife, Catharina Bolnes.

The signatures of Johannes Vermeer and his wife Catharina Bolnes (right) on a deed of 30 November 1655, two years after their marriage, constitute the one the few physical, and we might add, touching testimonies of the couple’s union which bore Vermeer eleven children in all. Even if one does not agree with the premises of modern graphological analysis, it is difficult not to notice the striking differences between the two hands. The rather measured uprightness of Vermeer’s style contrasts with the sensual freedom of his wife’s.

Here you can see some of the signatures he used: