Why The Concert?

In the previous post we can appreciate the originality of the excerpt  found. Actually it is quite shocking to read such a comment on a painting as if we were reading  an advertisment in which the word WANTED  is printed on the face of a persecuted criminal. But that fact did not determine at all the choice of this painting, though it made me look at it with more interest.

When Claire told us that we had to take any of Vermeer`s creations as a tool for the development of the ESP course with both: Joseba and her, I felt quite confused and hesitant, since my first impression was that they were quite similar among them. However, after having a look to his collection, I stopped in the so-called ” The Concert”. It was something on it that inspired me for the essay writing we have to hand in for our final proyect. Maybe it was the scene represented by the man playing the piano and the two female figures,  or the parallelism between them and the painting on the wall. Maybe it was the subject of the painting itself, or perhaps the sensation of dealing with something different from the rest. Whateverit was, I chose it. And this choice worked as an impulse to know something else about this picture. So that after checking various web pages I got surprised not only with the interpretations around  the portrayed characters, but also about the robbery of the painting.

Who knows where the music of the concert is being listened?

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