Vermeer in other works

In the following website [] I have found a list of events to which Vermeer is related to. Besides the publication of Tracy Chevalier The Girl with a Pear Earring and the film of the same name, Vermeer seems to be related to other painters, writers, enterprises or even singers. From the list provided in the webpage I have extracted the lyrics of a song dedicated to Vermeer. It was composed by Bob Walkenhorst, the guitarist and principal songwriter for The Rainmakers. The album is called The Beginner and it was released in 2003. Here it goes:

Jan Vermeer

I wish I could dance like Jan Vermeer
He sold his soul for a bucket of light I hear
And he's drunk in Delpht, painting the town
He likes to see the world a little upside down
And he laughs at me across three hundred years
I wish I could dance like Jan Vermeer

I wish that you loved me like Jan Vermeer
Down at the Riksmuseum you were all in tears
Touched your love with a sable brush
But at the silent auction think I said too much
Put your heart on the block for the highest bidder
Sold to Jan Vermeer

I'm watching you with Jan Vermeer
I got a private eye and a dying ear
Got a camera obscura, a frosted glass
I got chiarascuro out the ass
And you're betting I'm sweating just sitting here
While you're tearing up the tapestry with Jan Vermeer

I wish I was famous like Jan Vermeer
He went from worthless to priceless in less than a year
I been from worthless to priceless and back again
I crack my back on the rack trying to stretch my skin
I think 2300's going to be my year
I'll be framed and hung like Jan Vermeer

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