GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING: Differences between the novel and the film.



Every time a novel has a film adaptation, the original plot suffers little changes that only the readers of the book can see and usually, makes them get quite disappointed. However, that was not the case of the Girl with a Pearl Earring adaptation, which was a very accurate adaptation of the novel that left satisfied most of the readers.


Despite of this, there are some little differences between the novel and the film that would be interesting to point out:


  • Firstly, in the novel when Griet is sexually attacked by van Ruijven, the one who stops him is Cornelia, Vermeer’s daughter, by asking them what they were doing. While in the film, the one who stops the incident is Catharina, by calling out for Griet.

  • Secondly, in the novel Griet decided to leave the Vermeer house by herself, after the painting is discovered by Catharina. In the film, Catharina orders Griet to leave the household.  
  • Finally, in the novel it is abundantly clear that Griet has married Peter, and has had children with him. Nonetheless, in the film nothing is mentioned about Griet and Peter’s marriage, let alone children.


As a curiosity, just mention that the rags Griet receives the pearls in at the end of the film, are almost the same colors she describes the clouds are earlier in the film. She says they are yellow, blue and gray, and the rags are yellow, blue and white.



5 responses to “GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING: Differences between the novel and the film.

  1. I think this is great, thanks for the information. I fell inlove with the book and the painting of Griet and decided to see the movie too. I hope I’ll be satisfy with the movie. Thank you once again! /S. Marshall Z

  2. Yo soy igual a la del cuadro, y quisiera saber el misterio de quien es ella…alguien me lo podria decir

  3. Por supuesto la chica del arete de perlas, quer hay de la camara obscura? Las tecnicas de vermeer, y que hay de si era su hija, esposa, o…

  4. I read the book a while ago and am now re-reading it. I very much enjoyed the book. I have not seen the movie yet, but hopefully I will soon.

    I am glad to read that not much has been changed in the movie. Tracy Chevalier’s book has definately become one of my favorites. It makes me want to own one of Vermeer’s paintings. It is a shame that much is not truely know about him, as with many other painters like Da Vinci. Even though, I find his paintings to be very beautiful, his use of colors and shading very well planned and used to the best outcome.

  5. Hey u missed something in the book Griet has a little brother(Frans)and little sister(Agnes, who dies of a plauge later in the book) in the movie Agnes and Frans are not seen or mentioned. Ok Bye
    Wait! Almost forgot!HUGE Fan Of Vermeer!!!!! =)

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