The woman in “The Guitar PLayer”

In we can find a lot of information about Vermeer and his paintings, inspiration, techniques… Concretely about “The Guitar Player” I have found the following:

“John M. Montia, expert of Vermeer´s life and extended family, assumed that the yellow-jacketed guirl has the characteristic jaw formation of the Wrightsman portrait”. He also assumed that the girl in Vermeer´s eldest daughter, Maria, considering that the date in the picture (1671-1672) is right. This could be approximately when the girl was 17 or 16 years old. it is thought that it could also be a representation of Elisabeth, who was born in 1657, but it is less probable because she was under 15 years old when the picture was painted.

Vermeer “recalls the dangling curls of the young girl´s hair in the hanging braches of the idyllic landscape directly behind her head”. It is belived that his was a result of the convention of that time. A convention which considered the lady as a “masterpiece of nature to be admired, posessed and displayed”. This was a time in which women were likely to appear in poem, songs, paintings…