Girl with a Pearl Earring: Film Review

Chevalier’s novel creates a fairly believable tale around the portrait that gives name to the film. She imagines as the subject for that painting a young maid, Griet, in Vermeer’s house. Griet has to go into domestic service after an accident that leaves his father out of work. She will have to clean the room of the artist under the watchful eye of the other women in the house.


While she is cleaning Vermeer notices her interest for his work. Vermeer is asked a portrait of Griet and she posses for him. This becomes their relationship much more intimate and it arouses suspicion and jealousy in Vermeer’s wife.  

It can be seen the sensibility when portraying vermeer’s works. The paintings are also considered an extension of the artists’ insight character.  It has little dialogue. Communication is created from gesture and even a little glance is full of significance.

It was easy to get the point of the film. I have liked it very much because it went deep in the paintings and how Vermeer created them. What I have not liked at all, was that obsession that Vermeer has with Griet. But in general I considered it a rich and artful film. 

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