The Fine Art


This page features works by more Dutch Masters, many of whom, like Meindert Hobbema, were painting in Amsterdam in the mid 1600’s. The Dutch painters were masters of the depiction of light on surfaces – particularly in interiors. Vermeer and De Hooch used this skill to the greatest effect with their incredibly lifelike depictions of Dutch home life.


This page features the stunning paintings of Dutch masters Rembrandt and Jan Vermeer. Famed for his use of light, and rich colours Vermeer’s lifelike depictions of domestic interiors make him one of Holland’s greatest painters. Here you will find Vermeer’s “Girl with Turban”, the subject of the acclaimed film “Girl With a Pearl Earring” starring Scarlet Johanson. For your very own copy of “Girl With a Pearl Earring”, you’re in the right place.