The Studio

We have seen both in the film and in our book that the studio where Vermeer created all his paintings is one of the most important places.

It seems to be a kind of sanctuary for Vermeer, a sanctuary where he gets inspired and creates his wonderful pieces of work. After watching the film and reading the little passage in page 12, we get the idea that the studio is a room which at the same time is full but empty.

It is empty because there is no as much furniture as in the rest of the rooms in the house, and has almost no decoration at all. However, it is described as being full of little things, insignificant for somebody but the most important part for Vermeer himself. The table, for example, is full of Vermeer’s tools for painting.

There is no doubt that the studio is somekind of sanctuary both for Griet and Vermeer. It is described and shown as a place where they switch off from real world and specially from the house itself. It is a place where they find rest, peace, solitude, silence…. which is exactly what they need.

This is the way in which the studio is shown most of the time. Nevertheless, it is differently decorated depending on the painting.

Curiously, while I was looking for information I found a very interesting new about Vermeer’s real studio. It is a new published the 7th of January of 2005, and says that after 350 years, Vermeer’s studio is found by a Dutch in Delft garden.

Have a look at the real studio in the following page: