Vermeer the Ignored Artist

Vermeer ,as well as his comtemporary Rembrandt, was underestimated but also ignored.Vermeer was modestly successful as a painter/art dealer, well-respected in Delft, but never gained much of a reputation outside. After his death, he was forgotten almost entirely.and it was n the nineteenth century when he was “rediscovered”.Since that moemet on, he has been considered one of the finest painters ever.

I didn’t know too much about Vermeer and the only painting that I had seen was that of ‘The Girl with the Pearl Earing’.Now that I know more about him and have had the choice of appreciating the beauty of some of his masterpieces I wander myself how could such wonderful paintings be sitting there in Delft withouth attracting any kind of attention.

According to which I have read there are several hypothesis :

  1. Vermeer had few or no students to spread the word about the prowess of their master.
  2. Vermeer’s paintings were mostly “private” paintings, not high-profile public commissions or portraits of important society figures.
  3. Maybe not that many people saw them.

The most sad thing is that when Vermeer died people started selling his paintings under other artists’ names in order to get higher prices — though he continued to be recognized and appreciated by a small number of connoisseurs. Finally, in the 1850s Vermeer’s genius began to be more generally recognized and an effort was made to locate paintings incorrectly attributed to other artists.

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