English for Special Purposes.

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This subject, called “English for Special Purposes”, is divided in two parts with two different teachers: Joseba and Claire.


With Claire, the subject involves a study of the way painting is used and incorporated into literature and cinema. We are seeing and will see in detail the analysis of the very famous painter Johannes Vermeer and his paintings as “Girl with the Pearl Earring”. At the end of the semester, we will publish a book with all our works compiled in it.


On the other hand, in our first ESP digital classes we have learnt to have our personal blog. Our teacher, Joseba, told us to choose a painting from the painter Johannes Vermeer. We must choose one of his works because our task is going to be related with it during the whole semester. Thanks to the painting we have chosen, we will have our own references and sources. Moreover, we will have to search some poems and literary pages or documents related to our painting and even to the painter.


In my opinion, this subject seems to be very interesting because when I was in my last year of school, I learnt some Art and I learnt some Vermeer’s paintings. But as I didn´t see much, I would like to learn more about this painter and his works.